5 Tips to Find Inspiration Before Your Next Home Improvement Project

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by Deana Duffek

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5 Tips to Find Inspiration Before Your Next Home Improvement Project

A house is simply a building before you buy it; it becomes a home once you begin the process of home improvement and customizing it to match your lifestyle. Ultimately, improving your home not only increases its value and functionality but makes it a happier place to be.

Also, home improvement is a deeply personal investment which is also what makes is so exciting (and scary!). The best home improvements are the ones that you still love long after the “new” factor has worn off. But where does one get started? For many people, they already know where to begin for their next project; for others, it may require deeper introspection and understanding what their needs are.

If you fall into the category of a homeowner who needs some interior design inspiration then you’re in the right place!


If you’re going to improve your home’s aesthetic, you ought to have in mind a specific set of goals. A goal-driven approach will ensure that the result of your efforts result in something you’re going to be happy with for the long-term and ensures a return on your investment by increasing your home’s value.

Start with a few of these targets to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Improve the comfort and aesthetics of your property’s exterior
  • Increase the amount of natural light in your main living spaces
  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Further, increase the value of your home with a future resale in mind
  • Ensure your home is adhering to modern building codes and regulations — this could possibly save you money down the line by identifying potential issues in the near-term and not paying for them further down the road.


Let’s say you’re really eye-balling that old kitchen of yours, with its cabinetry made of all dark-wood finish and ancient appliances. Starting with Pinterest is an easy place to start searching for inspiration. Tons of people interested in home improvement start Pinterest Boards to save their favorite images of inspiration.

Specifically, you should check out the ‘Kitchen Design Ideas’ account and view the various boards I have.

It’s a good place to get started and you’ll probably notice that it’s so easy to get lost in countless Pinterest boards as you peruse all the various inspirational images that people share.

One other Pinterest account to consider following is iDesignArch. Their boards cover a wide swath of living spaces to derive inspiration from. So whether you’re looking to redo your bathroom, apartment, or living room this account has got the goods for you.


If you’re not on Instagram, that’s okay but it really has proven to be an invaluable resource for finding design trends and ideas quickly. There is a pair of Instagrammers that I’d recommend as well.

Anne Sage (City Sage Instagram) has an absolutely terrific profile. You’re in good company if you’re a fine of subdued and clean designs that are soft and mellow. While she focuses mainly on lifestyle and fashion blogging there remains a significant crossover into interior design as well.

Eddie Ross (Eddie Ross Instagram)

The talented designer and Better Homes & Gardens editor has an obvious love of lush and cozy living quarters by chasing new design trends and calling back to older out-of-play trends, too. He’s seen a lot of TV time on Bravo and House Beautiful. He’s definitely someone worth following or at least “stalking” on Instagram!


One oft-overlooked section of the Houzz website is their ‘ideabook’ section, which features a wide range of design and home improvement inspiration. Visit the Houzz  Ideabook Section.

Houzz is one of the leading online resources for finding designers and also design inspiration for your home projects. Once it was a site where folks just uploaded photos of their favorite houses. Today, it’s a resource for DIYers, interior designers, homeowners, and more. Honestly, just click around the Houzz website, inspiration will jump from every page, designs will sneak attack you into immediate designer-mode.

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