Our Commitment

Pure & True

Homes should offer healing: mind, body, and soul.


Dedicated to fostering wholesome environments.


We design to stir the soul and stimulate the senses.


Energized to call our industry to a higher standard.

At Pure Design House, our well-honed expertise and architectural intuition helps us create highly personalized spaces that are not only beautiful, but serve as healing environments.

By leading with sustainable, clean practices and choosing materials and products that promote health, we empower our clients to live their best lives in spaces that fulfill their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs for home.

Deana Duffek, CEO & Principal Designer

As a designer, Deana has spent more than 25 years immersed in design inspired by the work that resonates on an intuitive level. Products, interior architecture, graphics, textiles, furniture—Deana designs with a unique focus that stems from a place where simplicity, purity, and purpose are paramount.

While Deana is known for her modern, Scandinavian style, designs and architecture, after the effects of mold toxicity in her own home, Deana’s focus took a profound turn. After a personal journey to wellness within her own living space. Deana became committed to incorporating a healthy approach to all her designs, including cleaner materials ensuring a personal sanctum for her client’s unique mind, body and spirit.

Deana holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture & Design and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. Deana is also the founder of Design With Purpose, a 501 (c)3 nonprofit-organization with a mission to provide healing environments to families and children in need by transforming the interior space of their homes or classrooms at no cost to them. As a Yogi, a Reiki Master, Breathwork Facilitator, Artist, and student of Feng Shui, Deana proves that the real magic is at the intersection of merging these modalities with art and nature. Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, HGTV, Luxe Magazine, and other publications.

Work With Us

"Deana always puts the client's wishes and desires first and has an amazing ability to transform them into something even greater. What makes it so easy to work with Deana is that she has a natural ability to communicate and collaborate with everyone on the project team: the client, the architect, the builder and everyone else that is involved in bringing our visions to life!"

- Christine Miller

“Deana and her team are incredibly talented. They hold themselves to the highest degree of professionalism. I can always count on Deana to create impactful spaces that meet my needs. The designs are both beautiful and functional. Beyond their expertise, Deana has a heart of gold. It is truly an honor to know and work with her. I have done 3 projects with Duffek Design so far, and have plans for more in the near future.”

- Jessica Lopez, Children’s Hospital of Orange County

"Deana and her team leveraged their expertise in trauma-informed and biophilic design techniques to deliver truly unique and impactful results for us. Deana has an ability to always keep the larger picture in mind, while she and her team remain committed to every design nuance and strive to maintain the integrity of the original design intent in all ways."

- Amy M.

Meet The Team

With a commitment to challenging standard practices and designing with purpose, the Pure Design House team is dedicated to exploring new materials and practices that encourage clean, sustainable living. Our clients know that our guidance, expertise, and dedication will always result in a modern, sophisticated environment that stimulates health, happiness, and healing.

Tamara Iglesias

Chief Operations Officer

Tamara merges the worlds of innovative wellness and conscious business intelligence to create powerful impact and continued growth. Formerly a Wall Street Analyst at Bear Stearns, Citigroup and Elliott Management, Tamara has since transitioned into transformative coaching for executives and strategic intuitive business consulting. Tamara holds a BS in Business Administration, Finance & International Business from Fordham University as well as a Masters Degree in Integrated Science from The University of California.

John Zegowitz

Chief Brand Officer

John has an extensive background in Creative and Design Agency leadership and is known for his expansive research, purpose driven design, and insightful approach to solutions. Throughout John’s extensive career he has overseen the creative vision and evolution for a multitude of brands and agencies. From positioning and branding our hospitality projects to reimagining tried and true brands that have stood the test of time, John brings a unique blend of strategy and passion to every project with his creative leadership. John is also a board member with our 501c3 non profit, Design With Purpose.

Jane Zhang

Lead Design Associate

As the former head designer at Plus Minus Studio, Jane brings more than eight years of experience in architecture and design, and a passion for creating innovative and functional spaces that enhance the client experience and bring an environmental interpretation to the brand identity of our clients. In her current role, Jane applies her diverse skills to meet the needs and expectations of our residential, commercial, and hospitality clients. Jane holds a BA in Architecture as well as a Master of Architecture Degree.

Juan-Carlos Ochoa

Interior Designer

Juan-Carlos’s passion for design flourished while studying at Universidad del Valle de México. After relocating from Mexico City to Laguna Beach, he has earned a reputation as a sought-after designer, creating trend forward interiors throughout the area.

Kelly Ashcraft

Graphic Designer

Kelly has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and more than fifteen years of industry experience. Kelly brings a unique, functional approach to her work. Kelly’s known for finding beautiful and elegant solutions to design problems.

Alyssa Zabala

Social Media Maven

A graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Alyssa has helped hundreds of accounts grow their brand presence with her proven marketing strategies.

Juliya Nepomilueva

Design Specialist

With a degree in Industry-Specific Engineering, Juliya is a stickler for details and a great conductor, always working to combine a multitude of ideas into a cohesive solution.

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