Create Your Perfect Self-Care Space at Home

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by Deana Duffek

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Create Your Perfect Self-Care Space at Home

Wondering how to create your perfect self-care space at home? No, we are not addressing demanding workout sessions, restrictive diets, or confounding investments today. In fact, we are talking about giving yourself a little pat on your back and indulging yourself in some quality me-time. Carving this self-care cranny, free of distractions, to kick up your heels and savor each moment is no sweat. 


Time to repurpose. Your self-care space can be your bedroom, office, backyard, or even an alcove under the stairs if that’s all you have. I heard a well-known author once saying she wrote one of her best-selling books in her closet. You get to pick your spot!

Forage for a quiet corner you delight in and breathe new life into it with your favorite color.

That sun-filled window seat near the dining room you like so much? Perfect!


This long spell of quarantine has made us quite sure of what relaxes us and what makes us anxious. 

What activity pumps you up? Do you like playing soulful music while painting some colorful strokes? Have you been pulling out the pots and pans to whip up delectable, new recipes recently? Is it reading that you have missed out on? Maybe you wish you’d find time to master knitting. 

Or maybe, you haven’t given it a thought. Dig deep and discover what fills you with peaceful bliss. 


Now you found your salve, sprucing up the area ensures a free flow of energy, promoting better concentration and healing. 

As always, we start with decluttering. 

Next, bring in a fresh, clean scent to set the mood. Wipe down the area and wash the rugs, pillow covers, throws, etc., you plan on using. 

Consider going the extra mile and using organic cleaners, natural fresheners and diffusers, and soy candles to create a natural and pure vibe. 


Invite a little of the outside world into your self-care nook. 

Let open windows scatter crisp sunlight and fresh air all around.

The company of a few potted beauties can boost your mood and detoxify your air. So bring home sweet-smelling basil, easy-to-care English Ivy, dramatic Snake Plant, or elegant Peace Lily for green positivity. 


Whether you plan on lounging in your backyard rereading Thomas Hardy or fashioning a proper studio, comfort is vital. No one likes to meditate on a rug that’s too scratchy or work out in an attic that’s too stuffy.

A self-care nook should be well-equipped with everything you need to completely unwind. Make sure the temperature is ideal, and the seating is restful. 

Gift yourself a new mattress for a deep slumber. Invest in some good quality, high thread count linens, fluffy pillows, plush accent chairs, fine rugs, and plenty of cozy. Some of our favorite bedding options include: Cozy Earth, Brooklinen, and Boll & Branch.

If your endeavor requires you to sit at a desk, make sure everything is ergonomically optimized. Herman Miller always has nice options that hit all the right spots!

Nail down backrest and lumbar support, seat and desk height, and armrest placement. Maybe add a fun swivel to zoom around freely! 


Lighting in your self-care space is paramount. Equal amounts functional and artistic. 

First, install sufficient task lighting for the task at hand. A no-brainer, huh? But it’s surprisingly easy to get the temperature, placement, and intensity of task lighting wrong. Mindful strategy is essential for effective task lighting.

Second, setting the right mood is everything in self-care. At the end of a stressful day, your haven should be every kind of inviting and attractive. 

Use pleasing accent lights to highlight your favorites. Direct the arms of your chic track lighting towards your masterpieces. Hang a stunning pendant right above your art station. 

Last, but not least, you can even simply light some matches and pick your favored soy candle!


Nothing refreshes you like a workout session, whether a seasoned gym rat or a tenderfoot testing waters. 

Keep your mind and body light and fluid by indulging in some mindful yoga or wholesome meditation. There are certified tutors and reliable apps that can guide you here. 

Also, anytime you are in Laguna Beach, pop over for some calming breathwork workshops with our founder, Deana, or her sister Lindsey! 


Spa treatments are guaranteed ways to de-stress and rejuvenate. Plop down a handsome, standalone tub for unrivaled opulence. Renovate with swanky tiles or just whip it into shape with sleek new fixtures, perfect your bathroom for some pampering. Soak those sore muscles in some luxuriant baths, exfoliate your skin, spread a velvety mask on, and cap off with some hydrating oils and moisturizers. Go on, let some steam off. 

           Lastly, self-care doesn’t need to be fancy nor even cost a penny. It can be as simple as brewing yourself a cup of tea, going for a long walk on the beach, baking your guilty snack, updating your journal, learning a few dance moves or tunes, kicking back with a guitar, or simply retiring early to bed as a rule!

Your self-care sanctuary should be a stimulating escape from a chaotic world. If you feel lost at any point, reach out to us to carve out your retreat for you. Remember, there are no pinging emails or wailing cellphones in your happy place. So cut loose those gizmos and revel in a tranquil oasis of self-discovery. 

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