Creating the Future You Want

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by Deana Duffek

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Creating the Future You Want

Many years ago I was introduced to a technique called mind mapping. Later the concept evolved in to vision boards and vision books all of which are ways of helping me create my envisioned future.

In general, mind mapping is pretty simple and easy to do! Mind mapping is essentially a graphic way to jot down notes or set goals. It is a creative and visual tool to help you structure information and foster new ideas.  I use vision boards or books as a way of generating new ideas – and more so as a way to physically see what I would like my future to look like. A vision board is typically a poster board or a sketchbook in which you paste images that you have collected from magazines. The general idea is that when you are able to envision who you want to become or what you want to achieve, your subconscious works in tandem to help you create the image you have desired.

For example, before I ever became a working artist, I would cut and paste multiple pictures of myself surrounded by art, working with art and creating art.

Before I knew it I was living my dream working as an artist and showing art in local art festivals and galleries. Granted, not everything comes at one time nor does it always come in our preferred time. Just as with all creative visualization techniques – vision boards and mind mapping require a level of faith. It is not simply about putting a picture of a car in your book or on your board, but the feeling associated with the new car, what do you feel like owning the car, driving the car, what type of feelings are you attracting in to your life? The emphasis placed on how you feel when you want to attract something in to your life is what is important. I do believe most artists have a leg up in this area. We often take for granted that we are “creative” or know how to “visualize” what the end result of a particular project may look like. That said, a lot of people do not have this innate sense of visualization and therefore creating a vision for the future takes out of the box thinking. So whether you know how to visualize your desired results or not, another ingredient is faith. Have faith in your dreams and in knowing that there is Devine energy you are attracting in to your life. Do not lose sight of your goals or lose faith in your dreams, especially if they do not appear over night. All desires will manifest in due time, do not be afraid to dream big!

Vision boards add a sense of clarity to the mind mapping of your desires, your needs and your wants  – no matter how big or small. I made reference to a new car, but I encourage you to think well beyond your material desires! What are your hidden dreams for your life? Maybe it’s true love, maybe it’s a career that is in sync with your life path, maybe it’s to teach and so on! Whatever your heart desires you can achieve.

Now, I have mentioned a couple of ways to “mind map” and visualize and there is no right or wrong way. I have tried a variety of techniques and have accomplished my desired goals with each. My personal favorite is to create a vision book. All you need to get started is a blank sketchbook (I prefer an 8×10 ringed sketchbook), a stack of magazines, scissors and a glue stick. I would recommend using a variety of magazines. At our Artists Retreats some of the magazines we use are: Fortune, Psychology Today, Artist’s Magazine, Ode, Oprah, LA Yoga, Interior Architecture and a plethora of other subscriptions. After gathering your supplies, I encourage you to sit quietly and meditate on your intention. What is it your heart desires? Reflect quietly with your higher self and ask the hard questions: why am I here?  What do I want? How can I align with my higher calling? Maybe some answers will come to you even prior to looking through the images!  Now start sifting and browsing through magazines, find images that speak to your conscious and subconscious yearnings. You don’t need to understand why you are drawn to certain mages nor do you need to eliminate them if they don’t make sense to you. Just begin cutting and tearing. Then begin pasting in your book, you may choose to have segregated sections about work, love, health, spirituality, etc. – or you may just freely paste, it is up to you. If you feel so compelled, I would also encourage writing, painting or drawing in your book or around your pasted images. Now, put your book away and refer back as often or as little as you like! Modify as you achieve goals and delete if things change – it is all up to you and is an ever-changing process just like your life! Happy visualizing!

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