Getting into the Mindset of an Interior Designer

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by Deana Duffek

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Getting into the Mindset of an Interior Designer

Interior designers work hard to devise the perfect interior for their clients.  It takes inspiration and a sense of style to design something that is both functional and fantastic.  Before hiring an interior designer, there are a few thoughts you should explore.

What’s your vision for your home to change from average to awesome?  Below are some ideas to help you explain your vision to your interior designer!

  • Visualize your Dream Space: Before you begin the research, think carefully about what you are trying to accomplish.  Contemplate the size and layout of your home, as well as the size of your furniture and other major pieces.  Is there anything you want to add or remove?  Eliminate unwanted furniture at the start of your project to better visualize your new space.
  • Hunt & Gather: Magazines and websites are chocked full of tips, photos, and how-to ideas.  Flip some pages and visit websites to find home interior designs that appeal to you.  Take a look at what you have collected and let your creative juices flow.
  • Mix it Up: Explore what mixed combinations appeal to you. Keep in mind that you want to have a well-balanced room with mixed furniture styles and sizes.  This could be a large, cozy sofa with smaller, more formal armchairs.  Try to include at least one large statement piece like a cabinet or armoire.  Mixing sizes and styles that match your aesthetic is the key to a successful design.
  • Arrange & Rearrange: Construct an ideal floor plan for your furniture that you have or want to add.  This will help your interior designer understand your vision and what pieces you’d like to include in the planning.
  • Lighten Up: Good lighting can make any room more inviting.  Is there a specific lamp that you’ve always wanted? Have a few examples of fixtures and lamps that align with your personal design style so your interior designer knows what you have in mind.
  • Color your World: Have you already identified your sense of style? Is there a color scheme that speaks to you?  Color is very personal and critical for setting the mood you hope to achieve.  Try for a mix of three shades or colors so your interior designer can add them for walls, larger accents, and a “pop of color” for smaller accessories like pillows and flowers.
  • Texture is Everything: Choose textiles that fit your lifestyle.  Darker, heavier fabric may work best for high traffic and use.  If your style leans toward luxurious, consider silk accents for window treatments and throw pillows. Knowing what textures, patterns, and various colors appeal to you will make your room turn from boring to amazing.
  • Accentuate with Accents: Arrange collections and organize loose items by using baskets, trays, and decorative bowls as accents.  Baskets are great for hiding clutter, and trays are a wonderful way to display everyday items as art.  Colored stones, candles, and books add a “layered” appearance to your room.
  • Own It: After careful consideration, tough decisions, and hard work, you’re in the mindset of an interior designer.  These are topics that are perfect to shape your vision of your dream interior design.  You’ll be able to clearly explain your vision to your interior designer to get exactly what you’re hoping for. Lastly, make sure you have included those pieces that are special to you to make it your very own.  Photos, heirlooms, favorite throw, etc., will put that personal touch on your space to make it warm and welcoming.

Take pictures of your design project from start to finish.  Interior design is a process and your likes and dislikes can change often. If you aren’t satisfied with the current state of your interior, pictures can give you a different perspective and help you make changes you deem necessary.

These tips can work together to assist you in devising a cozy, comfortable, and functional space. This is your home so make sure to get in the mindset of an interior designer so you can best portray who you are to them.

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