Here Are Your Top 6 Interior Design Tips For Summer 2018

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by Deana Duffek

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Here Are Your Top 6 Interior Design Tips For Summer 2018

Summertime!  The best time of the year. Maybe I’m a little bias since I was born and raised in Southern California and I dream of the days where I’m driving with my windows down to enjoy a day at the beach soaking up the sunlight. Every summer I embrace the change in pace with the transition from April showers to May flowers, and winter outings turning into long summer nights.

The season change might have you thinking about adapting your home interior design to match a new summer feel. As we transition into sunnier days and warmer temperature, we’ll be touching on a few tips on designing your home’s interior design.

Create a Mood board: Mood boards are a great way to start off this summer project.  You can add swatches of fabrics, color chips, and pictures that make you go, “I got to have that!” This will help you put together your favorite patterns, colors, and looks before you start buying pieces that you think would fit with the theme one moment and then realize it doesn’t the next.  If you want, make multiple mood boards and narrow down which one you like the most. Take a look below at one example of a mood board for this 2018 Summer.

Foliage:  Plants are the reason we’re able to breathe so why not surround yourself with a mini garden inside your home.  This is a hot trend that isn’t just for the aesthetic of it all but is actually proven to make you feel better by improving productivity and concentration. So yes, they look great while livening up any room. It’s a great addition to improve an indoor experience with a new green thumb.

Pastels: Pastels have been a popular choice for interior design this summer and are a colorful addition to any living space. By adding pastels to a room, it makes it feel more calm and simple. They are very often looked at as feminine, but in reality, there is a large spectrum of ways that pastels can be used as the main piece or an accessory. Try painting a wall or adding some stand out decor, similar to the image below.  A vase, lamp, pillow, couch, etc. would be trendy for any room.

Minimalist: Let’s face it.  There should be another spring cleaning in the summer.  Unnecessary stuff builds up over the year and it can really take away from the design of a room. A tip for summer would be getting rid of all the extra stuff. Is it broken? Throw it away! Haven’t used it for over a year? Toss it! You want to feel as little stress as possible being home and being a minimalist will help create a relaxing environment.

Ombre: Ombre is the transition from dark tones to light tones. Try out ombre this summer and transition from one color to the next. Here are ombre curtains that stand out and make a statement on the wall. The ombre curtains are also known to give a light feeling to the room with the transition of colors. Curtains are just one way to add ombre, but it can be used for various interior design pieces, but try to have the darker colors to closer to the bottom so it makes the room look bigger than it really is.

Organize: Let’s get organized and ditch the plastic boxes.  Those are meant for your garage, not your living space.  Instead, this summer is in favor of modular wall shelving where you can store all your extra stuff privately. Extending tables and multifunctional furniture will also help maximize space and help you feel like you everything has a place in your home.

I hope you enjoyed our top 6 tips for this  2018 Summer! If you have something you want to try out, try it out and see how you like it.  There’s nothing stopping you from pursuing your vision and making your house a home.  Experiment with design and styles that you wouldn’t typically use but have always caught your eye.  There’s no better time than now, or you might always wonder “what if?” and that’s never a good feeling.

Leave your comments and let us know what tip you liked the most!

Featured Image by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

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