Home Improvement Tips for the New Year

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by Deana Duffek

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Home Improvement Tips for the New Year

During this uncertain COVID time, we want to welcome the New Year more than ever before. Finally, it is here! Our creativity and zest are at their highest so we were inspired to share a few tips to help you spruce up your home the New Year!


This first tip, though, will not cost you a dime, is guaranteed to have a massive impact. Declutter! Yes, deep clean, donate, recycle, or toss out anything that doesn’t add value to your home. Clear out those cobwebs and scrub out the driveway. Give your home trim and a fresh start!  I once had a wise woman tell me “if you are feeling down and want to feel good about yourself, go sweep the floor -it’s instant gratification”. She was right, it works like a charm, get to cleanin’ so we can kick the New Year off in an organized spirit.


Have a few scruffy light fixtures? Try replacing them with trendy, new gears for a quick updated look. Take stock of any dead or dim bulbs, and replace them for a radiant glow. Adding lights on the outside along with the interiors will give the new year a new welcome. Similarly, hunt for that statement chandelier piece for the center of living rooms and dining tables. Adding light is a simple and cost effective approach to updating your interiors. 


Living rooms that are engaging, entertaining, and relaxing are a dream come true for the new year. Whether you are hosting a small COVID approved group of guests or simply unwinding alone, investing in the latest, chic seating is always a smart move. If you have space for it, fashioning a little al-fresco dining specifically for hosting can make for a picturesque dinner backdrop. Now would also be the time to upgrade and get those state-of-the-art appliances and home automation systems installed,(if you haven’t already). Let’s make this new year the one we play catch up on all those home improvement projects that have been waiting on the sidelines.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and the center of attention. Repainting or refinishing, if not replacing entirely, the cabinets can give it a merry flair. Sounds challenging? Just renewing the backsplash or countertops is a sure-shot way of putting some spark into the kitchen, making it look pristine again. 


From moody cement tiles to swanky marble flooring, the choice is endless, and changing the flooring brings in a drastic transformation. However, if you have a classic hardwood flooring that you cannot dream of prying out, running a coat of polish over it and unfurling a plush area carpet, or luxurious silk rug, can bring in lots of warmth.


A nook your guests may frequent is the bathroom. Remodeling a bathroom, though tedious, is worth it! Maybe you want the spa-like serenity vibe or maybe a fan of the sleek look for the new year? How about an all-black bathroom to turn your 2021 into something different! If you are not game for a complete remodel, uplifting a bathroom can be as stress-free as restyling the fixtures such as the sinks, lighting or faucets. Brushed nickel, crystal or glass fixtures and gleaming mirrors can reflect sophistication instantly. Dropping in a few fresh sets of towels and some fresh flowers can be the finishing touch. 


However, reviving your house for the new year need not require a total overhaul. Just as with replacing the bathroom fixtures, you can swap out the dated doorknobs, locks, and switch plates that are weighing your house down. Similarly, replacing the cabinet hardware to match the new fixtures and bringing in a bar cart can make serving drinks a delight. Adding a splash of paint on the walls and the exteriors require minimal effort and will lend the place a polished finish. Attention to details can make your rooms look complete and updated with minimal effort! Let’s do this 2021!

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