Interior Design for Summer Tips

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by Deana Duffek

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Interior Design for Summer Tips

With the arrival of summer comes the opportunity to revitalize your home with new design refreshes and decor to match the hot weather. Summer is a fantastic time to incorporate some fun new ideas that may have come to you throughout the year so there is no better time than now to try them out! The change in weather also brings changes in current interior design trends, so let’s go over some of the hottest ideas to come around so far this year.

Summer is the perfect time to remove unnecessary clutter in your space and open up your surroundings a bit. The trees and shrubs are stretching out with the warmer weather and so should you! A big trend that has been making an appearance in designs this season has been opening up space in your home by rearranging furniture and leaving only relevant objects and decor that fit in with your theme. This simple trend can really bring new life into an old space so you can really embrace this time of the year. This is also a cost-effective way of invigorating a new sense into an old space so it’s a great idea to try out.

With the days of summer getting longer and longer, now is the best time of the year to embrace natural light in your home. A bring summer trend of 2019 has been to plan out a design that centers around the beautiful summer days shining into homes by keeping windows open and free of interference, as well as keep reflective objects and items of decor strategically placed in spaces so that they can capture the sunlight and reflect it back out into the corners of your home that normally don’t get exposed to this energy. A great way to have fun with this light is to incorporate various colored shades to desired windows to add some tinted light into a space. This is a great and simple way of accentuating the dominant or supplementary color of a space without needing to add any additional unnecessary decor items to a space. You will want to enjoy these long days while they last, so when planning for a redesign be sure to remember to take this into account!

Speaking of adding color to a space, blue has been making a big appearance in designs for this summer as it can invoke a sense of life and joy to almost any type of setting that it’s included in. Shades of indigo and turquoise have been incredibly popular colors to use for various styles of spaces. If you are planning on a complete remodel of a space, now would be a fantastic time to incorporate blue into core elements of a design. Blue shades of wallpapers, rugs, throw pillows, and art that contains blue as a dominant color. This is an approach that can work year round, but shades of blue can really invoke the feeling of summer when it’s warm and sunny out!

Summer is a fantastic time to really bring out your inner designer and try out some new ideas that have been stirring around your thoughts throughout the year. With the warm weather and sunny days ahead, now is the best time to really play with some designs and explore the potential possibilities that your home has. You will want to enjoy the season while it lasts, so savor the time and have some fun!

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