Interior Design in Laguna Beach

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by Deana Duffek

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Interior Design in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a beautiful place to live, and we want to make sure your interior design complements such a stunning city. If you’re a Laguna Beach interior designer–or aspiring to act as one for your home–here are a few challenges you need to tackle to keep your home sparkling.


One of the biggest issues coastal homeowners face is corrosion from the salt in the sea air. Many consumer products and materials are not equipped to handle consistent exposure to sea air, and when designing your space, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve created a space that will endure as much as possible. This is a concern for both the inside and outside of your home, especially if you are the type who loves to leave the windows open on breezy days or take advantage of a cozy patio space.

Homeowners should start by utilizing materials that can withstand the salt, like copper and decay-resistant wood. recommends finding salvage wood to meet your decay-resistant wood needs, and then treating the materials with the appropriate preservative and “an exterior grade, water-based paint or stain” to extend the longevity of your pieces. Not only will this help with lifespan of your furniture, patio, or paneling, but salvage woods of many different types can lend a rustic, coastal vibe to any room or patio. Depending on the furniture design, salvage would easily accent a modern interior design, too.

Additionally, ensuring that there is access to a warm water tap to break down and rinse the salt off of any patio spaces can help prevent sea air corrosion.

Homeowners should also keep compressed air around the house, to clear out any electronics that start to develop a film, and keep items prone to rust, like bicycles, regularly wiped down with warm water and towel-dried.


The trade-off for a high level of Vitamin D and bright days at the beach is the possibility of sun damage. While coastal foggy mornings may balance out the sun, UV rays can impact your home, inside and out, with fading, discoloration, and fabric and wood damage over time–regardless of whether the sun is out or not.

Houzz recommends installing window films that minimize sun glare. You can also invest in quality UV resistant curtains; nowadays, the options are endless, including sheer panels that accent the interior design of your Laguna Beach home.


Coastal areas like Laguna Beach are not friendly to all of our glorious green friends. Sandy soil can lack essential nutrients and the sun can create a harsh environment for plants that need a lot of moisture. Whether you’re planning on an extensive garden or simply want a few touches to liven up your home, keep in mind the types of plants that do best in coastal environments.

Perennial options like artemisia, sea lavender, and yarrow are all well-equipped to handle the harsh conditions of salt air year-round, and are pretty to boot.

You don’t need to be an interior designer to create a spectacular space if you know what the trade off is for living in a wonderful coastal paradise. Keep these tips in mind when designing your Laguna Beach home and you’ll find it a beautiful place to live for years to come.

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