Kitty Corners and Dog Days: Pets and Interior Design

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by Deana Duffek

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Kitty Corners and Dog Days: Pets and Interior Design

From sly Sylvester to affable Snoopy, pets complete the picture of a happy household. Keeping the house tidy and beautiful, however, is a whole other story. It can be a lot of work to have pets around the house. Fluttering fur, dirty paws, and drooling mouths are aplenty. Tactful planning can help your home from turning into a mess. 

       Deana Duffek, the proud owner of the cutest pup named Charlie Angel, shares a few cues for pet owners looking to turn their home into a pet-friendly haven! So “paws” what you are doing and read on. 

Personally, I am a big fan of dogs with hair as opposed to fur, you know, the non-shedding, hypoallergenic kind, i.e. poodles, Yorkies, golden doodles, wheaten terriers, etc. The lower the maintenance, to begin with, the better off you will be. 


If this is your first time owning a puppy, beware any exposed wood furniture could quickly become their favorite new chew toy. 

Instead, opt for durable alternatives such as metal legs and edges instead of soft materials like rattan or wicker.

Staying clear of low-lying and fragile décor items is a good bet.


Your pet is going to be all over your floor. Damage sustained from excitable claws, scampering toenails, and staining due to accidents is inevitable.

We highly recommend opting for flooring that is easy to clean and low- maintenance. 

Poured concrete- polished, stained, or textured, is hard and impervious to stains, lending an immediate upscale contemporary vibe to your home. 

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are an old favorite, but the sheer variety in designs available today is mind-boggling, and you are sure to find one that matches your style. Matte tiles are safe, easy to install, durable, and resistant to the sharpest nails.

If you are a lover of the organic, fear not, for the same qualities are attributed to natural stones such as slate and limestone when treated and sealed. 

Avoid polished varieties like marbles and granites, that being permeable, are prone to staining and scratches.

Add to these luxury vinyl and bamboo flooring. 

With some careful designing and foresight, you can effortlessly evade dented flooring and hourly vacuuming!


Dirt stains on your Sera Helsinki rug are definitely the worst nightmare. 

Nevertheless, cleaning grimy paw marks off tiles every day can be exhausting too.

Fixing a designated doorway for your pet is a smart move. If possible, modeling a small basin to wash them in before entering the home would be the ideal solution. 

Fitting a dog bath into the laundry room can cleverly spruce up your dog’s routine.

However, simply equipping a shelf next to the doorway with some towels, disinfectants, paper rolls, pet wipes, and other essentials also goes a long way. 


Just like kids who doodle proudly on walls, your pets are equally experts at leaving their signature artworks around the house. 

Restricting wallpapers to areas your pet can’t reach, will keep them looking pretty for longer. 

Painting pet-favorite corners in satin or finishes that can easily be washed or wiped down will keep your walls slick enough to repel fur.


Although we are not fans, we realize some people still enjoy a wall-to-wall plush, cloud-like carpet, but nothing can be worse in a home with pets, even ones that are trained. 

Carpets are like magnets for pet stains, fur, hair, and odors. Especially wool and other natural (animal) fibers. 

Throwing down washable, hard-wearing rugs with non-skid pads under will withstand your pet bounding down the hall to welcome you home every day! 

Picking rugs that are multicolored or patterned will camouflage any stray hair and dirt. 

If you must have a carpet, stay away from wools, natural fibers, and woven kinds that will unravel under active claws and paws!


Selecting upholstery fabric should be coordinated with the interiors as well as your pet if possible. Dark colors for a dark-haired pet and visa-versa. 

Delicate fabrics such as velvet and silks are a big no.

While leather is an unmatched hero when it comes to resisting stains, they go down in defeat to those bold claws!

While Crypton is a nearly indestructible synthetic fabric, Ultrasuede is a microfiber indistinguishable from authentic, swanky suede. 

Performance fabrics by @Schumacher1889 are so unique, they’re sure to win your heart. 

Our team can help you pick the ideal fabric and custom make the most exquisite pieces of furniture you’ve seen. 

Lastly, it never hurts to keep a sofa slipcover handy. 


A must-have addition to any “purrfect” pet home is their own snug-bed. 

May it be a modest basket or a custom sanctuary, it is vital it matches your existing interior spirit. For instance, a wrought iron crate with a few brass bars interspersed to match the language of the room.

Tucking a built-in bed or crate under a kitchen island or stairway creates a cozy nook of its own.

In conclusion, a few pointers include vacuuming the home regularly and always keeping the pet zones, toys, and feeding bowls clean will ensure the good health of you and your pet. 

  • Slipping away the above into their designated spots and shelves can also keep your house shipshape.
  • Designing a nook as your pet’s “play-area” where they can roll and run around freely is quintessential.
  • Bringing home some greens- a lawn, a small terrace garden, or even a few potted plants is a fantastic way for your pets to unwind and refresh. Please confirm none of the plants are toxic and largely kept out of reach. 

            Give us a call and let us assist you in crafting a home that’s pet-safe and people-approved, where you can rest assured your family is blissfully happy! 

Hear that? It’s your furry friend contentedly basking in her beloved sunspot. Why don’t you grab a chair and join them?

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