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by Deana Duffek

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We’re a few months into 2019 through the year quickly approaching spring, which is a great time for Laguna Beach Designers to take stock of 2019’s emerging design trends, with an eye on what is coming later on.


You may have noticed that curves are back in style. We’re finding seductive tilts are coming back, whether they are found in arched door and entryways, or on the backs of beautiful couches. Archways and curved couches, when paired with modern touches, bring a classic, elegant touch back to your interior design. Kick your minimalist straight lines out and embrace the playfulness of shape!


The rise of natural materials (or at least, what looks like them) in a modern home is another emerging design trend of 2018. This is especially perfect for Laguna Beach designers, as there’s nothing prettier than a coastal home that integrates salvaged wood. You don’t need to go overboard to make a point: a large natural statement piece, like a dining room table or a bench at the end of the bed, can go a long way. Plus, by finding natural materials that have been recycled into something beautiful, you’re participating in material re-use and upcycling–which is great for the environment.


In the recent past, shades of gray have been a popular interior design trend, but earth tones are making a come back. Soft greens and browns, accented with the occasional emerald or deep chocolate, create a warm, welcoming feel to your space. When paired with the come back of natural materials, 2018’s design trends are pushing away from the sterile feel of many modern homes and bringing back the soothing presence of the planet to our living rooms.


Last year, we saw greenery make a comeback: the right plant, in planters that match your home’s feel, placed around the home as accents, can elevate the coziness of your interior design. That trend has continued through 2018, and we don’t see it disappearing any time soon. Greenery accents bring–often literally, as well as figuratively–a breath of fresh air to your home.


Even in most modern homes, vintage lighting fixtures are in high demand. The vintage-inspired lighting is brightening up 2018 kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, bringing an old-world touch to new world feels. Brass or weathered silver is a sensible complement to those aforementioned earth tones and natural materials, creating a rich, layered, and timeless feel to any interior design.

What trends have you noticed emerging in 2019? Which ones are you most excited about?

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