Laguna Beach Interior Designer Changes Lives Through Design With Purpose, a 501(C)3


by Deana Duffek

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Laguna Beach Interior Designer Changes Lives Through Design With Purpose, a 501(C)3

Take a look at the walls in your room. What do they make you feel? Do you feel happy, secure, or energetic? Maybe gloomy, bored, or tired? Or nothing at all?

In the past, interior design was considered a luxury for most. People seldom paid heed to what effects it could have on our lives, but times have changed. Modern design has come a long way from simple aesthetics – to affecting mental health and giving personal and professional spaces a sense of purpose.

Design With Purpose is a concept that designs should be created with a clear purpose in mind. Not only a clear purpose but also a renewable one – by reusing, repackaging, and repurposing a multitude of resources that our design team has access to. The idea is to leverage the power of interior design to have an optimum impact on the people who inhabit a space. As an interior design company in Laguna Beach, we use conceptual-driven design to create healing spaces. Design With Purpose is a philanthropic extension of our design business and as a 501 (c) 3  non-profit organization we are able to achieve our goals of helping families and kids transform their homes or classrooms into healing spaces.

How Designing With Purpose Changes Lives?

The interiors of our spaces have a more profound impact on our lives than we think. Here are a few reasons we can change lives by improving the spaces within our community.  

  1. Design Impacts Our Feelings

Research has repeatedly made the case for the impact interior design has on our emotions. What we see, what we feel, and ultimately how we behave can all be influenced by our interior spaces. When we see a bright, cheery room, our feelings reciprocate the sentiments. It is why daycares, pediatric hospitals, preschools, and other facilities associated with kids have such vivid decor.

For example, below is a child’s room designed by our team. The color palette is soft and muted and provides a sense of calm, comfort, and peacefulness. 

  1. Design Speaks

It really does! When an artist paints, he communicates to his audience through his masterpiece. The same is true for interiors.

Designers can convey a message through their art form. With our Laguna Beach interior design team, whether it be our Duffek Design Team or our Design With Purpose Team, we not only bring with us a team of trained and educated designers,  but also a team of skilled tradesmen and women who help us bring our visions to life. It is this combination of skills that enables us to create spaces that are transformative,  inspirational, moving, and motivational. We look at it as our honor that we are able to create healing environments for our community. Deana, the founder says: “I often think about the people we design for, the entrepreneurs, the musicians, the artists, the filmmakers, the oil barons – and I think –wow, I get to create a space to help this person live their best life, what an honor. This person now gets to live their best life and be the best version of themselves, in turn, putting that positive energy out into their circle of influence and world. Pretty cool”.

  1. It Can Change Viewpoints 

Imagine a minimalistic room with spotless white walls, sharp furniture, gold accents, and layered lighting. When executed flawlessly, these designs repel clutter on auto. Who would want to visit a space like it and litter?

That’s the reason why hospitals are almost always white (with accents of green). The pristine condition of healing environments facilitates cleanliness and averts mess. Sequentially, when coupled with colors like green, a soothing and calming feeling comes over a person, helping to ease anxiety and stress. 

  1. It Makes Our Lives Easy

A well-designed room goes beyond emotions and opinions. It boosts functionality. It is easier to perform day-to-day tasks in a purposefully designed room. Living in such a space saves time and helps us focus on what’s important. Elevated design is much more nuanced than just putting a pretty aesthetic together. It is much more about Interior Architecture and space planning –  the function of the space, the motivators for how the space will be used, and ultimately how people want to feel in the space. A skilled designer knows how to extract this information and create spaces in a way that genuinely optimizes a person’s living experience. 

  1. It Saves The Day!

Sustainable, eco-friendly designs create greener societies. They bring people together and solve many modern problems we couldn’t have solved otherwise. For us, it is all about community. We are building a community and building a bridge between us, other designers, architects, builders, and other industry leaders. It is within our own communities that we are able to make a change – and this change permeates out into the greater good of the world. If we are able to change one client’s life, or one child’s life, or just make small sustainable steps then it is worth the effort to do our part to make a difference. 

Just imagine a place without design. It would be hard to nurture creative minds who someday take hints from the genius around them and save the world!

Design With Purpose – A Non-Profit Transforming Lives One Design At A Time!

Duffek Design is a boutique design firm located in Laguna Beach, led by Deana Duffek and her team of trained professionals. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, this award-winning company specializes in executing interiors that tell a dynamic story. 

This design team believes in giving back to society and advocates purposeful design’s impact on the human mind. Design With Purpose is Duffek Design’s most substantial initiative with a mission to use concept-driven design solutions to transform lives. Design with Purpose is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to provide healing environments to families and children in need by transforming the interior space of their homes or classrooms at no cost to them.

Our non-profit organization designs homes for families or schools in need to help the children heal through the power of interior design. The team pools all their extra design supplies and collects funds from generous donors to turn the dreams of starry-eyed kids into a reality.

Visit our website to learn how you can help us in our journey to impact the lives of our community. Think Globally, Act Locally! 

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