Simple Habits for Creating a Purified Home


by Deana Duffek

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Simple Habits for Creating a Purified Home

Considering the time we spend in our home, keeping it clean and purified should be one of our top priorities. Keep reading on simple habits for creating a purified home! From purifying the air and water to cleaning and tidying up bedrooms and kitchens, creating a purified space may seem time-consuming, challenging, and tiring. However, if you build a routine, follow some professional tips, and manage to stay on top of the chores, keeping your house clean will become a lot easier and even more enjoyable.

So, wear your gloves and grab your cleaning supplies as we discover the savvy tips and tricks to create a purified and pristine home.

Purify The Air 

Having good air quality in your home is one way that can create a sense of peace, provide natural benefits and relieve stress. Here are some steps you can take to cleanse the air indoors;


Amongst the various benefits that houseplants offer, filtering the air by removing toxins is one of the most useful. They improve well-being, boost cognitive health, and reduce fatigue. Try placing plants like snake plants and weeping figs in different areas of your home to make the most out of these leafy greens. 

Beeswax Candles 

Replace paraffin candles with beeswax candles. They have a natural compound and do not release contaminants while burning. 

Clean Air Filters 

Regularly changing the air filters of the heating and cooling systems can drastically improve the air quality. Pick a HEPA air filter to remove toxins from the air effectively. 

Switch To Natural Products 

Ironically, cleaning products introduce many chemicals into the indoor air. Substituting them with natural options like vinegar, baking soda, and club soda can fight grime without any toxic effects. 

Keep Your Bedroom Organized 

This might seem like an insignificant and unnecessary task, but it makes a huge difference. An organized bed will make you feel fresher in the morning and give you the motivation to clean up the rest of the room. 

To keep things simple and easy, avoid layering your bed too much. You may try cutting out on top sheets and just go for a duvet and washable cover (the Swedish way).  If you’re really set on having top sheets, consider using a large comforter so you can save time on tucking the sheets. You can also invest in a storage bench to find a good spot for decorative pillows when you don’t need them. 

Remember, dead skin cells, saliva, sweat, and dust mites can make your bed a host for germs. Make sure to regularly wash the bedding to avoid any type of allergies, skin breakouts, asthma, and more. 

Clean The Bathroom Regularly 

Bathrooms are the most functional rooms of a home. Toothpaste dribbles, shower grime, wet floors, and mirror stains all contribute to the build-up of germs and hence, an impure bathroom. Giving it a quick wipe once a day can prolong the time before you’ll need to do a deep clean. 

Mix water, baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and white vinegar to create a natural cleaner. Wipe down the surfaces of the shower and the sink each time you use them. Finish off with burning essential oils made of lemon or eucalyptus scents. They have antibacterial properties that kill microbes and keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

Scrub toilets and counters, mop the floors and remove mirror spots for deep cleaning every week. 


If you feel your home is always messy and impure, don’t worry. Maybe you’re not using the cleaning products properly, for example, wiping the disinfectants right after spraying, or you have bad cleaning habits like doing chores without a plan or using the same cloth for dusting the entire space. 

Remember, the key to having a purified home requires creativity and resourcefulness. Follow our tips, use trusted cleaning products, and create a routine to have an uncluttered, beautiful home. 

These are just a few “simple steps” to think about when purifying your space. Easy steps that you can implement now. We will be doing a deeper dive into purified home building and non-toxic materials in future blog posts. You can also learn more by checking out our podcast, Design With Purpose on Apple, iHeart, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast! 

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