Staying Organized: A Review of Houzz Pro

by Deana Duffek

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Staying Organized: A Review of Houzz Pro

At Duffek Design, our concept-driven design solutions embrace an integrated approach and present authentic stories with the power to transform people. Houzz Pro is the perfect way to accomplish this mission and ensure our busy team stays organized.

We joined Houzz Pro to make sure that we were using the most up-to-date software to fully automate our business. The design business requires keen attention to detail and a high level of organization, so utilizing the Houzz Pro software enables us to provide the best service.

By using Houzz Pro, we are able to streamline our organizational protocols and really focus more on the business of designing and less on the business of paperwork! Regardless of the project size or scope, we strive to deliver optimal results that exceed our clients’ expectations — and the more tools we have to help achieve that…the better!

As our team utilizes Houzz Pro, we are able to really get our name out in front of people who are searching for what it is we have to offer. It is important to us that our clients come to us already vetted and Houzz Pro enables optimum placement for our high-end luxury design business.

Houzz Pro helps us streamline the processes and procedures of our business by enabling an easy and transitional flow with everything from mood boards to creating client estimates and invoices. So how exactly do we use Houzz Pro’s tools?

We love utilizing the Houzz Pro’s Mood Boards and other visual tools for our clients. It really enables us to convey a design idea and turn it into a reality for our clients. The 3D Floor Planner is also amazing! Client reactions to our presentations have been over the moon.

One of our other favorite features within the Houzz Pro software is the ability to create quick and easy tear sheets for our clients. This is a simple tool but so nice. It is a huge help to quickly customize something for each client’s specific needs. It is really great to have all of our vendor products in one easy-to-access location so each person on our team can grab at their convenience. Again, for us, it is all about automation!! The more organized and efficient we can be, the more organized and efficient our client projects run!

Our team believes in collaboration and community and we highly recommend Houzz Pro for all designers. Our world is a world of organization and detail juggling. The quicker a designer can become fully automated, the more successful their business and bottom line. If you’re interested in learning more about Houzz Pro you can do so here.

Check out our Houzz profile here.

Please note I am a Houzz Pro ambassador, however, all opinions shared in this post are my own.

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