Summertime Blues


by Deana Duffek

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Summertime Blues

We absolutely love being a part of the Laguna Beach community and especially love celebrating our local artists. Today’s art scenes are a far cry from typical gallery openings; exploring original ways to introduce art to people, they are experiential moments. Discovering and connecting with local artists, lets you be a part of the story while building your community. 

         Set in a charming outdoor setting, lined with luscious eucalyptus trees, the Sawdust Art Festival would typically be in full swing this is the time of year. The Sawdust- Art & Craft Festival. is not just another exhibition, but a reception giving voice exclusively to resident artists of Laguna Beach, California. Its sawdust-lined trails, brimming with outstanding craftsmanship, is an experience in itself! From paintings, sculpture, printmaking, and photography, to glass-art, ceramics, woodwork, and textiles, it has them all. Unfortunately, due to this summer’s COVID-19 concerns, the local festivals have been canceled. Even though we aren’t frolicking through artist grounds we still want to take this opportunity to shine a light on some of our local artists and show support to our beloved community.

        There’s little that’s more attractive than a space with a fine painting hung on a wall or a stately sculpture on a fitting pedestal. With the intent of creating good vibrations and remarkable interiors, we curate art pieces that reflect the psyche of our clients and carve out their interiors passionately. One such event is our alliance with the Sawdust Festival as well as our partnership with the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art. A couple of our festival and LGOCA favorites that you might want to check out this summer! 

  • First,  Kym De Los Reyes, an intuitive and ingenious painter who breathes life into her paintings with each stroke of her brush. A native Southern Californian, you will promptly notice California’s wandering imagination and beauty in all of her works. Kym’s landscape can bring into your living room the lush, tropics of Hawaii, and azure waters of the Greek isles, with a fragility that’s unrivaled. Have you noticed how the gallant pineapples of her work can become the quintessential backdrop to your dining? We love the fresh blends of pastels and feisty colors that can add the cardinal element of freedom to your abode. 
  • Next up, Hugo Rivera is our contemporary artist on the block, whose works display impactful realism. Born in Mexico, Hugo credits his hugely creative family for his love of art. Partial to acrylics, his compositions frequently portray feminine forms and human expressions. A great conversation starter, they can be classic pieces for your living rooms and bedrooms, as it grabs your attention immediately. When placed against a soft setting, these murals, with their dramatic hues and brazen lines, can punctuate the style of your home in all the right ways. 
  • Finally, is sleek hand-blown glass more your style? Look no further! With his passion for art and oceans alike, another Southern California gem, Michael Panetta wishes for his blown glass sculptures to be reflective. From Laguna Beach to Italy, a global apprentice, you can bring home Michael’s suave innovations for an extra dab of oomph in any contemporary or even transitional space! With a mirror-like glaze and his beloved oceanic fluidity in stillness, he can custom make your ideal statement piece. Plop one of these beauties on a live-edge coffee table for a paradoxical tenor or hang a pleasant colored creation in your hallway. 

        To that end, as we all work through these summer-time blues, we encourage you to help each other and local businesses make it through this trying time. We’d love to see your continued support of the soulful Sawdust-Art & Craft Festival artists and the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art. You are more than welcome to approach us to help you enrich your homes with some of these authentic works. 

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