The Real Estate Value Good Design Brings to a Home

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by Deana Duffek

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The Real Estate Value Good Design Brings to a Home

Whether you’re building a home from scratch or simply renovating your space to prepare it for sale in the near future, you must remember that good design will always translate into a considerable price premium. Therefore, including features that help put together a sleek, beautiful home design should be your top priority.

Design excellence is one of the most vital aspects that differentiates a good real estate developer from its competitors. Who wouldn’t appreciate a place that makes the best use of its location, produces well-lit, bright spaces, and focuses on sustainability to lower running costs? 

Although using an Architect or Interior Designer might seem like a luxury, once you’re done reading this blog, you’ll realize that it’s a necessity, not an extravagance. 

How Design Adds Value To Your Home

The NSW president of the Australian Institute of Architects, Kathlyn Loseby, has stated that good architecture adds up to 20% value to a home. These stats, combined with the fact that people have enthusiastically started to invest in great home spaces, further emphasize the importance of good design. 

Below we’ll discuss three of the many reasons why design is valuable to clients. 

Supports Your Value Proposition

Good design visually justifies the price you charge. Consider paying for a cup of coffee in a high-end restaurant with a great ambiance, comfortable furniture, and perfect lighting. Now think of having coffee in a  gloomy, greasy spoon cafe. The former will be able to attract a larger number of customers, while the latter will lose potential patrons due to poor design. 

Ensuring a decent design for your home will save you time convincing clients, setting a fair price, and constantly reaffirming your message. 

Improves Your Space 

An improvement in your space is directly proportional to an improvement in your home’s value. A great interior design enhances a space by suiting it better to its purpose. 

Good design goes beyond the decor of a house — it makes the space functional by ensuring everything serves a purpose. Clients are more likely to be drawn toward such homes capable of making their lifestyle more efficient. 

Sets Your Home Apart

A well-designed property that utilizes space effectively makes your home appear more alluring and spacious to buyers. Adding uncommon, luxurious features like modular kitchens, indoor garage spaces, lush landscaping, and alfresco patios can further assist property valuation. 

People have started attaching great importance to good design, where functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. Details like pillar-less layouts, double ceiling heights, and well-ventilated open plans will save you from the distress of having your homes sit on the market for years. 

Things To Be Considered When Designing Your Home

We’ve compiled a list of things you should keep in mind when looking to increase the value of your home through good design. 

  • The property’s target market
  • A coherent flow between internal areas
  • A relationship between outdoor and indoor spaces
  • Well-curated fittings and fixtures
  • Modern kitchens and bathrooms 
  • Curb appeal
  • Adequate amounts of natural light 
  • Spatial drama (for example, through high ceilings)

Undergo A Transformative Experience By Boosting Your Home’s Value

People are becoming increasingly aware of how good design can drastically improve lifestyles. Of course, if the design can have a tangible effect on how we live, no one would hesitate to pay a few extra bucks! 

Good luck with constructing a functional yet beautiful design that will not only benefit you but will also command a higher premium price for you. 

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