Travel Tales: Bringing a Piece of the Globe into Home Interiors


by Deana Duffek

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Travel Tales: Bringing a Piece of the Globe into Home Interiors

In the past year, the world came to a grinding halt as plans, travel, and goals got thrown out the window. With everyone balled up inside, a fast-growing trend in interior design is Escapism. Exhibiting pieces from faraway lands right in your living room have served as reminders of days gone by and days ahead. As the world begins to open up again and we set out on new travel adventures, keep these pointers handy to translate your travels into your home.

The need of the hour is to boost moods. Injecting happy memories and art from our exploits can turn a home into an exotic retreat. As a designer who has had the good fortune to travel to almost every continent and see much of the world, my travel finds have always been an important part of my design aesthetic. When designing spaces for other people, it is important to tell their stories. Telling the story of the people who live in a home, their journey, their exploration, and history are all a part of the design story we create. Travel introduces us to new colors, fragrances, textures, and lives — it immerses us in rich cultures. However, editing is key to what kind of artifacts you bring home from your journey. it’s important not to clutter your space with mementos. 

Tip #1: Designing a home inspired by places you’ve journeyed to works best when you craft an overall mood for the room. 

For instance, in California- you cannot go wrong if you instill bits of a different gorgeous coastal destination into your home. You can, however, also infuse a complimentary style such as a Coastal Mediterranean touch to your home without detracting from the original design of much of the California Architecture. You can bring the sunny romance of Spain into a light, open, breezy Californian home by installing terracotta pottery or soak up the marine freshness of Greece with some dazzling blue ceramics. 

Tip #2: For folks who like the concept of a feature wall, a corner or an area demarcated for keepsakes works like a dream.

But remembering to layer materials, colors and textures can keep your house from looking like a museum. Go with a neutral background, say a white wall, to balance out the chaos in the collection. Try throwing in a couple of black and whites among the framed photographs to pique interest.

Tip #3: An alternative to a gallery wall is to spread your travel prizes around the house and let people walk through your memories. 

It creates a flow and allows you to fit the pieces into your home harmoniously. This blend becomes the unifying factor, adding interest and depth.  Think of a warm, cozy nook filled with potted plants, lanterns, colorful rugs, or just an artwork of palm leaves that transport you back to the tropical oasis! You can also mirror your last Moroccan getaway by installing glazed, multicolor tiles on the backsplash, staircase, or garden. 

Coming up next, we would like to give you a few more tips on how and what to shop when you visit foreign lands.

Tip #4: Do your homework.  

Pre-trip research is vital to identify the best and authentic localities to shop at during your travels.  Social media has delightfully paved this path for us! Following travel bugs and hashtags on Instagram can bring forth some brilliant artisans, shops, and markets. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for the latest design inspiration! 

Tip #5: Get a local to help you discover design ideas. 

The bazaars can be overwhelming. Countless alleyways and secret alcoves look like a maze of stalls, products, scents, and sights. Finding a local designer or even hiring a reliable tour guide can save you time and money and point you to the most trustworthy sources. Now, what should you buy when on holiday? The items obviously cannot be too bulky or weighty. If you can get your hands on the following, they make excellent additions to your travel collection that can double up as décor back home.

  • Textiles are often the most fertile when it comes to representing a culture. Fine-looking tablecloths, runners, napkins, and even cushion covers are always a good bet. Stress-free to pack, usually justly priced, and a pleasing way to enrich your tablescape.  Destinations like India, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, etc., will offer exclusive rugs and carpets if only one knows where to look. 

  • For centuries vivid art is witnessed through clay. Manage to transport them carefully, and you can enliven your interiors with vibrant porcelains or serve your guests on striking plate ware. 

  • Then comes the cream of the crop and my personal favorite. If you find intriguing art pieces, paintings, sculptures, etc., this is your chance to snatch them up and decorate your home with a few gems! Buying interesting art collected from around the globe is the best way to build that personal collection and create lasting memories. 

    Nonetheless, if you like items that are impossible to transport or purchase, be sure to photograph them! Share it with reputed designers like us, and we shall endeavor to source it locally or craft them especially for you!  

    The final cue is to raise a home that embraces and celebrates your experiences and journeys.

    Let us be your tour guide and call for a complimentary design consultation. Until then, we will be trekking through the jungles of our hallway and planning our next trip to Sweden!

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